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Two Ways To Spice Up Your Jog Routine

by Bold Apps on June 09, 2016
Heading out for another jog today? First things first, make sure you order your joggers and other streetwear online with FlyPolar so your clothing doesn’t disrupt your workout. Once you’ve got that knocked out of the way, you can carry on with your workout.

Did you know that our bodies become accustomed to our workouts over time and can predict what will happen? As a result of stagnation, our bodies don’t work as hard and get as strong as they once did when the workout first began. Therefore, it’s important to spice up workouts over time to make sure our bodies don’t get bored.

Have you been going for a jog in the same place for more than six weeks? Then, today’s the day you spice up your routine with these new workouts.

Two Ways To Change A Boring Jog Routine

Find An Incline

Whether you live near the mountains, foothills, hills, or a staircase, you can find an incline. The increased vertical will challenge your hamstrings and glutes to put in some extra effort, and you’ll definitely feel more of a burn in your calves and quads. It’s safe to say that adding an incline to your jog will help you feel the burn.

Go To A Track

The Swedish call this next jog mix up a “fartlek,” which is just as fun to do as it is to say. Fartlek means “speed play,” so head to the track for some good jog and sprint interchanges. Sprint the 100-meter straights and jog the corners until you get tired. The changes in speed help your heart pump faster and work your body harder, overall.

FlyPolar’s streetwear collection online features joggers. We encouraged you to snag these before starting your new workouts because they bunch at the bottom of the pant to ensure you don’t trip and fall, especially if you’re sprinting during a fartlek.