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The Best of the Best Fly Clothing for Workouts

by Bold Apps on June 22, 2016
All of FlyPolar’s clothing is fit and comfortable, which means you can probably get away with wearing it all during a workout, but we believe there are certain pieces of fly clothing that work better for workouts than others.

What to Wear to Workout


The point of working out is to break a sweat and get moving. The best tops are our tanks and tees. If it’s a bit chilly, we have long sleeve tees, too. The hoodies and crewneck sweatshirts can get extremely hot during a workout, so we like to save those for other comfy moments. We have tanks and tees for men and women and tees for kids, too.


Sweatsuits are the name of our fly clothing game here at FlyPolar. We love the way they look, fit, and feel, so you know we’ll recommend the sweatpants as our favorite workout bottoms. The trick is to get the joggers style pants so the ankle is tight and you don’t trip. We also have plenty of differently styled shorts for men and women who like to workout without the full sweatsuit.


Ladies, keep things in place with the fly leggings and bra sets. Choose a matching set of stylish, colorful leggings and a matching sports bra, or buy the leggings alone. (Right now we only offer leggings separately). The material is thick and supportive, so everything will stay where it needs to while you’re working up a sweat.

The great thing about shopping with FlyPolar is our combo deals. You can find tank, shorts/sweats combos to make shopping even easier. It’s easier than ever to workout when you enjoy wearing the clothing. Give it a try today!