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Awesome Things To Do This Summer In Fly Clothing

by Bold Apps on June 15, 2016
There’s no need to go further than your backyard for some fun this summer. The truth is that you’ll be looking great in your fly clothing and staying cool if you choose one of the tanks. There are so many fun things you can do in your backyard. Which of these is your favorite?

Awesome Backyard Summer Activities

Water Balloon Piñatas

Buy some extra-large water balloons and string, then grab your hose, a blindfold, and a stick. Fill the huge water balloons with water, tie them tight with the string, and dangle them sporadically from a tree. Hang the balloons high enough that the players can wander around below the balloons. Blindfold the first player, and hand him the stick. The player will swing the stick like he’s swinging for the piñata but will aim higher toward the balloons. When the stick makes contact, the balloon will shatter and water will flow! Talk about a refreshing game.

At the risk of stating the obvious, the players should wear swimsuits or other clothing they don’t mind getting soaked.

Homemade Water Slide

Do you have a playset in your backyard? Your kiddos will love this addition.
Lay a tarp from the bottom of the slide and run the hose to act as a slip-n-slide game. Kiddos can slide down the slide and continue the fun on the wet tarp as they zoom across the yard. It’s more fun than the slide alone or the slip-n-slide alone because of the good head start provided with the playset slide.

Stargaze Comfortably

The summer nights are the perfect time to gaze at the stars. While it’s fun and natural to do this on the ground, you’ll want to stay longer when you make an epic pillow bed.

How to Make a Star Gaze Pillow Bed

Collect as many outdoor cushions as you’d like to use. Imagine the bed by placing all cushions flat on the ground in a grid pattern. We recommend at least 25 cushions (5x5 grid) for a solid covering.

Stitch the corners of each pillow to the corners of the other pillows.

You’re done.

Snag yourself a warmer piece of fly clothing (hoodies) to keep warm and free from bug bites when you stay out all night.

Build a Sunflower Fort

This project isn’t one that comes to fruition within the first go. However, by the end of summer, it’ll likely be your favorite part of the yard.

Plant sunflowers in a circular perimeter that will encompass the fort. As the summer grows, it will begin to shade the inner circle from the rest of the yard. Imagine yourself sitting in a lawn chair and reading your favorite book or taking a nap without worrying about the blazing sunshine. Plus, sunflowers are just beautiful.

There are so many other great things you can do for some fun in the sun this summer. When you wear your fly clothing, you’ll be comfortable and ready for any activity your backyard may present.

We had so much fun writing this blog that we’ll probably write another one just like it later in the summer.

Stay tuned.